Friday, February 18, 2011

Is a good day.

I haven't posted in a while. Obviously. But it's been for good reasons. I've been so busy lately it's been ridiculous. But it's all with good things so it's okay. Like tonight, we're playing 2 shows in the same night and an acoustic show tomorrow AND a battle of the bands next Saturday. It's so crazy yet completely awesome at the same time. What else? Oh yeah. We've got some new merch stuff in. Like pink Abandoning Sunday guitar picks and black and white and white and black button pin thingys. And I finally got a logo designed. And it's on this new merch stuff. And it is awesome. To say the least. And I'm sure that there is so much more that I'm not even remembering right at this moment. It happens. But I will try and get better at this whole writing thing. So check back soon! Because you'll only find it here. Good day.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)