Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Also here's a fancy widget that you can post everywhere (which you should because it would be helpful and instantly make you amazing) for you enjoyment. And incase you didn't notice it actually has the album on it for you to listen to almost a month before it even comes out! Surprise! I hope you enjoy it! Comment and let me know what you think, if you would be as so kind. Dude. TTFN. Tah tah for now.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Help out poor musicians! (One in particular!)

In my adventures into the web that is world wide this week I discovered how to make a nifty little box that allows you to donate towards my worthy cause of feeding myself and staying alive. So here is said box. And also don't forget to keep checking out the blog (right here!) to keep up to date on stuff that you won't find out about anywhere else! At least not right away. Like the posted video of the unreleased song Invisible on youtube right now. Check it son. ( That is all for now. Good day. Dude.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Almost like friends.....with benefits?

So just because you're one of like 5 amazing people who actually read this thing you get to know about some special stuff that other people don't because its only posted on the official blog! Right here! Lucky you! Good day friend! So to start off the specialness (it's really all I have to show you right now anyways) is an acoustic cover of wonderwall by Oasis. Hope you enjoy it. dude.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)