Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In a different place.

I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll just go for it. I'm living in Hawaii now. But just for a few months. I'm leading worship at a church there. It's an interesting place to be at and not just physically but both mentally and spiritually. Also, there's a new record on the way. I'm super excited for it. It's basically going to be the accumulation of everything I've worked at and for over the last 4 years or so. I really hope that you all like it. I''m in process of getting some other new things going that I hope you all will like. Also, hopefully, in January we'll start doing shows again. I'd love to hit the ground running as soon as possible. So if anyone knows of any good places to play and would love to hep me out with booking and everything, it would be greatly appreciated. I can't even tell you how much. I'm sure that there's more that I'm forgetting to mention. I'll try and get better about updating this again. Good things coming soon!

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey bro! So, basically, some stuff has gone down in the last few weeks that I'm pretty excited about. Tomorrow morning, I leave to go and work for World Changers again for the summer. If you don't know what that is, it's a missions organization and I work for them as a worship leader leading music at youth mission trips all over the country. In short, best flipping job ever. Also, last night, we released a brand stinking new music video for our song "Patience" and it's pretty awesome if I may say so myself. Good day indeed. AAAAAND! Thursday of this last week, we finished tracking for the new record so that should be out sometime around September or so. Very cool stuff. ANd I'm sure there's other stuff that I'm forgetting but for now, this is what you get. Until next time, stay thirsty my friends.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We've got tiger blood.

That's right. You heard correctly. I don't know. Sometimes I just say things for no reason. The day that Charlie Sheen sort of went publicly crazy I was stuck in a Tuffy dealer for like 8 hours getting my van fixed and watched it all unfold in real time. And then on repeat. Like 27 stinking times. SO now I just quote ridiculous things that I've heard him say. Sorry. None of this has absolutely anything to do with..... well anything really. So here's the deal. This past weekend we played in a battle of the bands and even though we didn't win, we played what was probably our best set ever. So, needless to say, we're pretty stinking excited none the less. And now, tomorrow actually, we're headed into the studio to work with producer Steven Loki Howell on a new record. Good. Day. Good day. Good good day. And so much more to come. Hopefully more shows. As in lots of them. Anyone want to help book? That'd be nice. Some quality help is always appreciated. Also, I'll actually try to update this more than once a month. We love you. But just as friends. Or a really cute like dog. Of Course. Duh. Later, homes.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Monday, March 21, 2011

And so it begins.....

So it has begun. New stuff, good stuff, is coming. Starting this next Tuesday, the 29th. We will finally release a full band recording, Patience, which is also a single off of our upcoming album which we start working on next month. Once I figure out how I'm going to pay for it that is. Also, I'm in process as I type this of making and sending off an official iPhone ringtone of Patience. Which is going to be awesome. Just saying. Also! Sometime soon (which basically just means whenever I get around to it) I'll be uploading a make shift music video of some rarely seen footage of Abandoning Sunday. Mainly, it just consists of random shots from the studio and Casey, the drummer, doing weird things that most likely won't make any sense to you. Even better, the music for this music video thing will be a debut release of the full band recording of Example A. Which if you've followed Abandoning Sunday for a while, you know it's been an epic journey to finally get that done. Well.....I suppose that that is all for now. I'll try and post more stuff soon as more tasty goodness develops. Good times, my friends. Good times.

-Michael Thomas

Friday, February 18, 2011

Is a good day.

I haven't posted in a while. Obviously. But it's been for good reasons. I've been so busy lately it's been ridiculous. But it's all with good things so it's okay. Like tonight, we're playing 2 shows in the same night and an acoustic show tomorrow AND a battle of the bands next Saturday. It's so crazy yet completely awesome at the same time. What else? Oh yeah. We've got some new merch stuff in. Like pink Abandoning Sunday guitar picks and black and white and white and black button pin thingys. And I finally got a logo designed. And it's on this new merch stuff. And it is awesome. To say the least. And I'm sure that there is so much more that I'm not even remembering right at this moment. It happens. But I will try and get better at this whole writing thing. So check back soon! Because you'll only find it here. Good day.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Even better than a Klondike bar.

I cannot accurately describe to you the amazingness of the past few months and the anticipation of this year to come. To finally be able to say band instead of strangely and sometimes somewhat awkwardly explaining to people that even though it sounds like a band it's just me is one of the greatest feeling that I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. To finally hear the songs the way that they are supposed to and intended to sound is indescribable. It's been a privilege to play alongside these amazing musicians and be a part of something that is actually good is the coolest thing. It's been awesome to get to know these guys on a whole other level and make some amazing music with them. I can't wait to see where we go from here and what's to come. I just said we. That's so cool. I love this. Good stinking day my friend. Good stinking day.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)