Saturday, May 29, 2010

You can be a.....World Changer!

So I'm sitting on a couch in a smelly dorm finishing off a 1 pound bag of skittles and finally posting something. I don't really have any pictures other than the few random ones that I uploaded to facebook from my phone. This week or so has been so stinking amazing. Within being here less than 3 hours I had already jumped into a pool with all my clothes on during a scavenger hunt. Which we dominated by the way. Getting to to worship for like 11 straight everyday, only to be interrupted when it's time to feed, has been one of the most amazing things ever. And also so has been spending all my time with people that I don't know, at all really. Everything has been a huge growing experience for sure and I could definitely not go back. No offense. I really have nothing else to say so I suppose I'll end with TTFN. Tah tah for now. Later kid.

-Michael Thomas

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......... So this would be a blog. My blog actually. I'm no good at this stuff but since I'm going to be gone pretty much the entire summer I thought I would try and upload pictures and videos and stuff so everyone could see what sort of messes and such that I'm getting into. The whole idea is lame. I know. But in the meantime you should go to and download Miles and States for FREEEEEEEEEE. And theeeeen go to and listen to some music and stuff while you're waiting for me to update this thing. Because I know that's what you'll be doing. Just sitting there. Waiting. Refreshing the page every few minutes. Hoping for something new to look at. Yeah right. THE END.

          -Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)