Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's almost like giving birth. Except without all of the nasty smells and stuff.

Hello brotha! I made a pot of cool aid! Not really. But I have been working with some other guys lately and I've been working on incorporating them into the world of Abandoning Sunday and I do believe that it's going quite nicely.So I figured that you might like to see what they look like. At least the 4 people who actually ever read this thing might. So here are some pictures that I took really quickly for you all after practice today. Just for you. Isn't that nice. That wasn't a question. Obviously. And speaking of practice, we would love to have you come and hang out with us while it's happening. That'd be awesome. So here are the pictures and hopefully there will be more good stuff to come soon. Hopefully. Because that'd be nice. Good day. And stay thirsty my friends.

First ever picture as a band!

Because that's not creepy at all.....

I'll let you insert your own caption here on this one.

(P.S. Casey Roth is the one on the left and he plays drums and that's John Osterman on the right and he plays guitar.)

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  1. That last photo does not need to be on here... haha.