Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bro. Do you even blog?

Oh hey there, y'all. It's been quite awhile since I've posted on here. So long in fact that the website that was linked to this page was myspace. Some of you might not even know what that is. But I thought I might try and bring this back so I can go a little more in depth into the life of Abandoning Sunday. It's hard to let you all know all of the things going on when I'm limited to something like a 140 character tweet. Keep in mind, as you've probably already figured out with other things that I have tried to consistently do in the past, that I will probably somewhat suck at doing this regularly. But, as always, I will do the best that I can. So here goes.

The new album.
Everything has been tracked and edited and it has been sent off to the one and only Steven Loki Howell for mixing and mastering. Steven produced the last full band record, Forget, as well as all of the singles that I have ever released. It should take about a month to finish it up and then I should have a release date for you pretty soon after that.

Another special shout out goes to Andrew Brooks. If you follow Abandoning Sunday on social media, you've probably seen me post about him a few times. He ended up doing way more work on the album than he probably intended to or ever thought he was going to. because he's a good guy like that. Brooks contributed all of the drums, all of the bass, one random harmony during an attempt at a slower song called Wait For It, as well as one guitar solo that I wrote but was a little outside of my playing ability. Because I do that sometimes. Probably my favorite part of making this album was getting to hangout with him and become friends again. Make sure to show him some love and your appreciation by giving him a little follow on his Instagram machine. (@andrew_brooksy)

The new record is a little different. The songs that were written before, speaking mostly to the first full album Forget, were written during a time when I had a lot of different and messed up relationships with a lot of different people. Which resulted in all of the "we're messed up" sort of songs. Mostly about dumb girls because I was a dumb kid that thought I knew what was up. Turns out that I did not. But in the timeframe since then when most of the newer songs for this new record were written, I have actually cut out most of those honestly toxic and unnecessarily drama filled relationships completely out of my life. Having less relationships in general is a little lonely at times but it is also way less dramatic. Which was a nice change of pace. And it also gave me a lot of time for introspection and evaluation of my own life and actions over the past few years as well as the present and the future. Which is why a lot more of  the songs on this new record of more of an "I'm messed up" feel than a "we're messed up" sort of vibe from the last record. The previously released single Words is a great representation of that.

I don't know if any of that made any sense but I hope it helped to give you a little context for what's in store with the next record. Also, more details regarding album name, artwork, and song listing to come soon. So get ready for all of that.

The future.
Obviously, this new record. Hopefully followed in December or so by Reflect Part 2. Which will be full band versions of previously released acoustic songs. I am probably more excited about the Reflect Part 2 release than anything that I have ever released before. More details on that soon. Also, hopefully maybe sometime in February or early spring, I'd love to try and get out an acoustic Ep for all of you folks that like the more chill stuff. I'll be moving across the country and starting a new job so we'll see how much of that I actually accomplish but, as always when concerning this musical project, I will do my best.

I think that's probably all for now.
I hope this was a good first attempt at trying to get this going again and I hope you enjoyed my ranting and a little behind the scenes look as what's been going on and what is planned for the future.

Next time I'm thinking about doing a story behind the song sort of deal. Comment below with what song you would like to hear about and I'll post about whichever one get's mentioned the most.

Thanks for reading. Stay thirsty, my friends. Is a good day!

     -Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday

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