Sunday, April 17, 2011

We've got tiger blood.

That's right. You heard correctly. I don't know. Sometimes I just say things for no reason. The day that Charlie Sheen sort of went publicly crazy I was stuck in a Tuffy dealer for like 8 hours getting my van fixed and watched it all unfold in real time. And then on repeat. Like 27 stinking times. SO now I just quote ridiculous things that I've heard him say. Sorry. None of this has absolutely anything to do with..... well anything really. So here's the deal. This past weekend we played in a battle of the bands and even though we didn't win, we played what was probably our best set ever. So, needless to say, we're pretty stinking excited none the less. And now, tomorrow actually, we're headed into the studio to work with producer Steven Loki Howell on a new record. Good. Day. Good day. Good good day. And so much more to come. Hopefully more shows. As in lots of them. Anyone want to help book? That'd be nice. Some quality help is always appreciated. Also, I'll actually try to update this more than once a month. We love you. But just as friends. Or a really cute like dog. Of Course. Duh. Later, homes.

-Michael Thomas (Abandoning Sunday)

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